Yzerfontein - The Perfect Seaside Village

Visiting villages during your vacation can be an excellent experience. However, if you pair it with a seaside setting, the experience may just be more awesome. If you are in South Africa, a serene seaside village in the Swartland region could be the right place for you. This seaside village is Yzerfontein.

West Coast Accommodation in Yzerfontein

There are several accommodations that you can choose from in the nice town of Yzerfontein. For one, there are bed and breakfast accommodations, a caravan park, a farm accommodation, and tons of self-catering facilities.

Bed and Breakfast
Bed and breakfast accommodations do not only offer bed space for you to sleep on when you are tired from all your Yzerfontein activities, they also offer great spots for breakfasts. Some of the great bed and breakfast spots in Yzerfontein include 34 on De Jongh, Dassen View, Kaijaiki Country Inn, Emmaus-on-Sea, Swept-Away Bed & Breakfast, Lewens-Essens Bed & Breakfast, as well as Villa Pescatori.

Caravan Park
Camping at Yzerfontein West CoastYzerfontein also has its own caravan park if you like camping out or if you are bringing an RV along. There are rules to be followed of course when camping at Caravan Park, but those would be all worth it, if you can spend your night closer than ever to nature.

Farm Accommodation
Yzerfontein has also farm accommodation. Farm accommodation allow you to best experience country style living. The best one in Yzerfontein is De la Rey Self-Catering.

There are quite a number of self-catering facilities in Yzerfontein. There are about 31 listed in the official tourism site of Yzerfontein. Some of these include 14 on Beach, A Spear Chukka, Anna se Huis, Chez James, and Dune Rose.

Restaurants and Local Food

Restaurant on beach in Yzerfontein West CoastTouring places and doing different activities can zap out the energy out of you. Moreover, every town visit is not complete without experiencing local restaurants and cuisines. In Yzerfontein, you have several options like farmstall, restaurants, and coffee shops.

There are a couple of farmstalls in Yzerfontein that you will surely love to experience. One of these is Vygevallei Farmstall. Vygevallei Farmstall offers breakfast and lunch – farm style. They also have a wine house available. This wine house has a collective set of wines that you can choose from. Another farmstall to visit is West Coast Farm Stall, also known as Weskus Padstal. Weskus Padstal offers coffee, tea, bread, pie, sweets, and chips, which are available for dine in as well as take aways.

Yzerfontein offers great restaurants, too! There are four different restaurants to choose from – Die Rooi Granaat, Meeurots Restaurant, Kaijaiki Restaurant, and Strandkombuis. Die Rooi Granaat is the traditional cape type restaurant. They offer South African and Malay dishes. However, it is to be noted that booking is essential for this restaurant. Meeurots Restaurant offer steaks, seafood, and traditional South African version of pizza. Kaijaiki Restaurant has German, Afrikkan, as well as West Coast cuisines. They also offer breakfast. Strandkombuis offers seafood, jams, salads, and home baked breads. They are open even on Sunday yet booking is important.

Coffee Shops
If coffee shops are your thing, you have three choices in Yzerfontein – Club Café, Café René Coffee Lounge, and Whale Tale Studio Café. These coffee shops offer special coffees, teas, cakes, breads, pies, and pastries. Club Café even has arts and crafts display while Whale Tale Studio Café has platters available.

Things to Do in Yzerfontein

Snoek Classic in Yzerfontein West CoastWhat are the things that you can do in this serene and beautiful seaside village? In Yzerfontein, you can do a lot of things since it is a unique village along the seaside. You can do watersports and other water activities as well as enjoy game drives, birding routes, sporting activities, arts and crafts, visit the national park as well as take advantage of other attractions.

Basically, since Yzerfontein is a seaside town, it means that you will be able to do a lot of activities such as kite surfing, windsurfing, fishing, surfing, angling, tennis, swimming, hiking, bowls, canoeing, and a lot more. However, you will need to bring your own equipment for such activities.

If you want to visit a nice park, you can go visit the West Coast National Park. Hiking trails are also awesome in Yzerfontein. You can choose between 16-Mile Beach and Schaap Island Trail. Game Drives or 4×4 Nature Trails are also as awesome as hiking trails. You can go to Blombosch Trail or Bokbaaivygie Trail for this. Bokbaaivygie Trail is only open during the flower season.

You can also visit the other great attractions that Yzerfontein has to offer. They have the fish house, the fish market, labyrinth, indigenous gardens, lime furnaces, and watch whales during whale season.

Yzerfontein Events and Festivals

Festival at Yzerfontein West CoastYzerfontein has different events and festivals that tourists can look forward to. There are photo competitions, various events for the youth such as outreach programmes, kite events, and mountain bike fun rides. They also have bazaars, bird watching activities, dance festivals, and many others.

Another notable Yzerfontein event is the Yzerfontein Snoek Classic. It is an annual event and a primary event of Yzerfontein Boat Club. It is regularly held when the December holiday starts. Yzerfontein Snoek Classic has become a famous fun family event that also attracts visitors all over the country. The Yzerfontein Snoek Classic also involves other competition categories. Last year alone, there are more than 300 participants and the first prize was a brand new ski boat. The Yzerfontein Snoek Classic ranks as one of the biggest snoek events in the country. It is a must see for all boat anglers.

There is also the Yzerfontein Crayfish Bonanza. It is usually held around the last part of the crayfish season. This is another great and fantastic family event that can be participated when you are in Yzerfontein.

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