Vredenburg - A Mix of Pleasure and Business

Vredenburg is one of the several towns in Cape West Coast Peninsula. It is deemed as the administrative and business center of the municipality of Saldanha Bay. It offers a number of shopping opportunities, round the clock banking and petrol facilities, excellent schools, as well as other important services beneficial not only to the town itself, but to surrounding towns as well.

West Coast Accommodation in Vredenburg

Accommodations will never be an issue when in Vredenburg. Vredenburg offers a wide a variety of cozy accommodations. One of these is Juffroushoogte Guestfarm, which is a lodge with 50 rooms in it, and another is the Southern Anchorage Guest House.

Juffroushoogte Guestfarm
Southern Anchorage Guest House in Vredenburg West CoastJuffroushoogte Guestfarm has been serving travellers since 1902. It is a place often selected for leisure stay or business meets. Juffroushoogte Guestfarm is currently the largest accommodation in all of Cape West Coast. Aside from the 50 bedrooms available, there are also 4 self-catering accommodations in Juffroushoogte Guestfarm. They also have an a la carte restaurant to feed your hunger. Their other facilities include a large aviary, swimming pool, conference rooms, bar, free Wi-Fi, and more.

Southern Anchorage Guest House
The Southern Anchorage Guest House is a 4-star guest house offering easy access and quality service as well as great to make your stay lovelier. Each of the room is prepared in a standard setting which includes a bar fridge, hair dryer, lockable fridge, coffee and tea tray, common kitchen (fully equipped), Braai facilities, Snooker and Pool table, and a fire place. Meals and laundry services can be made per request. They also have a pool where visitors can use.

Restaurants and Local Food

Great food at the Yukon Spur Vredenburg West CoastIn terms of restaurants and local food, one of the several that Vredenburg has to offer is Yukon Spur. Yukon Spur is a family restaurant situated in Weskus Mall. Yukon Spur provides diners with not only good food, but also an overall top class experience. They have amazing service that keeps their patrons loyal. Among their menu lineup include burgers, steaks, as well as saucy racks of the best ribs in Cape West Coast. Aside from simply dining with the whole family, you can also have Yukon Spur cater for different events such as birthdays, parties, and business lunches. They even have a Play Canyon to keep the kids busy as well as stay in great spirits. Among the many amenities of Yukon Spur include a smoker’s section and a wireless access.

Another great place to dine in Vredenburg is Panarottis Pizza Pasta. Panarottis Pizza Pasta is your trusted restaurant if you are looking forward to tasting great pizza and pasta even when you are in South Africa. They have a varied menu that will make you want to order everything they have. For their main menu, they have different breakfast meals, twists, starters, flat breads, subs, salads, light meals, meat, poultry, pizza, pasta, beverages, shakes, and desserts. For the kid’s menu, they have prepared special pasta, pizza, Moreish meals, beverages, and desserts. For the health conscious, they also have gluten- and wheat-free bases.

Things to Do in Vredenburg

Fun activities to do in Vredenburg West CoastVredenburg is quite the busy and bustling business center of the West Coast. There are not many activities to do compare to the other neighboring towns. But if you love shopping, then you must not forego visiting and shopping in the West Coast Shopping Mall or Weskus Mall. This mall offers great restaurants to satisfy your palate as well as offer a lot of brands in terms of great items.

What makes Vredenburg amazing is its location to nearby places that will allow you to expand your activities list to more than just shopping. Just 36.4 kilometers from Vredenburg, you will be able to visit the West Coast National Park where you can do various water sporting activities. Then just less than 18 kilometers from Vredenburg, you can enjoy the Cape Columbine Lighthouse. This lighthouse has a spiral staircase to the top. Once you are on top, you will be able to view and cherish the beauty the Atlantic Ocean and Britannia Reef. A little nearer to Vredenburg, just 14 kilometers travel is the West Coast Fossil Park. In here, you will be able to learn and possibly see how West Coast is a few million years back – no time travelling needed!

History of Vredenburg

Dutch Reformed Church in Vredenburg West CoastVredenburg is a place founded around a spring. It was named then as Twisfontein or Quarrel Spring. After that, its name changed to Prosesfontein or Lawsuit Spring. The story behind these seemingly troublesome names was the numerous disputes and bouts between a couple of neighboring farmers. Then, water is such a precious commodity due to its scarceness.

Peace came to Vredenburg when the Dutch Reformed Church was built in the main street – just near the highly coveted and disputed spring. Right then and there, the town was again renamed with its current name, Vredenburg – meaning “peaceful town”.

Currently, the town is popularly known as a commercial hub for surrounding communities and it has been a top place to catch a movie, shop, or simply meal out. Now even if Vredenburg has all the fresh and contemporary amenities that ensure convenience and comfort, it still is surrounded by wheat fields, fynbos, dairy farms, and sheep farms.

Among the historical breakthroughs of Vredenburg is the West Coast Mall. It contains more than a dozen shops that include coffee shops and restaurants, as well as novelty stores selling anything and everything from sports gears to craft materials.

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