Velddrif - The Bokkom Capital on the West Coast

On the West Coast of South Africa, you will find the small coastal fishing village of Velddrif, nestled snugly on the banks of Berg River.

Bokkoms a Velddrif delicacy The fishing industry forms the backbone of Velddrif, and this West Coast town is part of the Crayfish Route. You need to try the local delicacy “Bokkom.” Bokkom Laan is a very well known tourist attraction because bokkoms (dried fish) are prepared here in the same traditional way as 300 years back.

Velddrif’s rich birdlife attract tourists from far and wide every year and you will be able to spot the following species quite easily: Flamingos, Great White Pelicans, Chestnut Banded Plovers, Red Necked Phalarope, Fish Eagle, Pied Kingfishers, Avocets, and Black Winged Stilts.

The West Coast Gallery displays works from more than 100 artists from the West Coast region.

Things to Do in Velddrif

Bergriver Canoe Marathon in Velddrif West CoastAs for the events in Velddrif, one annual festival that you should attend is the Berg River Canoe Marathon. It starts in the Paarl and ends at the Carinus Bridge at Velddrif. The first marathon was held in 1962 and since then, it has gained some reputation for having one of the toughest courses in the world.

Salt is also a huge part of Velddrif. A visit to the salt factory will enlighten you on what a Baumemetre is and you can experience at the same time, first hand, how salt is washed and harvested.

You can experience boat cruises in Velddrif through the Tollies River & Boat Cruises. With the Tollies River & Boat Cruises, you can enjoy the sunsets while on the cruise as well as do bird watching. You may just want to bring along some refreshments and snacks to make the whole experience complete. This is a family friendly activity that even children will enjoy, as it is highly safe and educational.

Birds on Bokkomlaan in Velddrif West CoastAnother popular attraction in Velddrif is the Bokkom Laan. You can walk along one of the oldest roads in West Coast and the oldest one in Velddrif. In Bokkom Laan, time just seemed to go slow. In Bokkom Laan, you can watch the tide here while you also observe local fishermen do their trade in the traditional way. There are even some restaurants near where you can buy some refreshments or some piece of art from the West Coast artists’ gallery.

You can also do restaurant hopping, visit the bird hide-out, the fishing musuem, doing yachting or kayaking and fish from the banks of the Berg River. A sight seeing trip will reveal the unique beauty and attraction of Velddrif.West Coast Accommodation in Velddrif

Velddrif has a number of accommodation options available. These accommodations have varying features, services, and amenities. You will be happy to hear that the wide variety of options include, self-catering houses, bed & breakfast establishments, guesthouses, hotels, backpackers, private homes, camp sites and hotels.

Velddrif Accommodation

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