St Helena Bay - Natural Heritage at Its Best

St Helena Bay is packed full with historic natural heritage that one can marvel upon in their visit. It has great accommodations, good food, fun activities, and great attractions to see on top of the colorful history behind the existence of St Helena Bay. Did you know St Helena Bay is the only West Coast town where the sun rises over the sea?

West Coast Accommodation in St Helena Bay

Hotel in St Helena Bay on the West CoastSt Helena Bay has its own line up of top class accommodations present to serve your needs when staying in town. They have guest houses, lodges, apartments, self-catering facilities, and many other types of accommodations.

Bon Hotel, Shelley point
This 4-star hotel is your luxurious getaway accommodation when in St Helena Bay. Bon Hotel offers a laid-back style of stay, which is aptly synonymous with the beautiful beaches of the West Coast.

Absolute Beach Guest House
Another great guest house is the Absolute Beach Guest House. It is a special beach house accommodation located in the South African West Coast. They also accept retreats and reservations for special occasions.

Balaena Vista
Balaena Vista is a self-catering type of accommodation. This one is quite affordable and it has beautiful sea views that you can look at every day you are outdoors – even magnificent sunsets and sunrises can be viewed in Balaena Vista.

Blueberry Hill Apartments
Blueberry Hill Apartments is another self-catering accommodation in St Helena Bay. It got its name since it is situated atop Blueberry Hill. It is roughly 90 minutes from Cape Town and each day of your stay can give you an awesome view of the seas and the lands in St Helena Bay.

Restaurants and Local Food

St Helena Bay has a great list of must-try restaurants. They serve different kinds of food – both local and international kinds along with top class service, luxurious views, and reasonable prices. Here are some of the best restaurants around town.

Beira Mar
Beira Mar Restaurant in St Helena BayBeira Mar is a restaurant managed by a family in St Helena Bay. It is situated on the beachside and offers a spectacular view of St Helena Bay while you dine. The restaurant itself comes with an ambiance similar to the Mediterranean. They serve Portuguese flared dishes along with matching music to complete the experience.

Bosduifklip Open Air Restaurant
Bosduifklip Open Air Restaurant is also a unique restaurant in St Helena Bay. It is a West Coast farm restaurant with a traditional rustic feel. Bosduifklip Open Air Restaurant truly provides an unforgettable experience in terms of food and ambiance. They serve different food – West Coast cuisine and traditional South African dishes.

Oppi Knol Kroeg & Weskus Kombuis Restaurant
The Oppi Knol Kroeg & Weskus Kombuis Restaurant offers traditional cuisine from the West Coast. Other than that, they also have an exciting menu made from fresh seafood ingredients. Fine cut meats are also available.

Things to Do in St Helena Bay

There are different activities that you can do in St Helena Bay. There are also tons of great attractions to visit and marvel upon.

Whale and Dolphin Watching
Whales are also considered as one of the locals in St Helena Bay. Whale and dolphin watching is a fun activity to do especially if they are freely swimming in the harbor. The Southern Right whales come to mate and calve in the second half of the year in the calm waters of the bay. Humpback and killer whales also frequently visit these calm waters. St Helena Bay is also the home of the Heaviside’s dolphin – equally enjoyable to watch, other cetacean species. St Helena Bay is also a bird-watcher’s paradise as the Palearctic migratory birds come in town.

View from Mangochi Beach Cottage in St Helena BayGolfing
Aside from whale watching, if you want to relax and just chill, you can also play golf at the Shelley Point Country Club & Golf Course. Many tourists and visitors have praised Shelley Point Country Club & Golf Course for their 4-star service, which is totally worth the price they paid for.

Stompneusbaai and Shelley Bay
Going to the beach is also a good idea when you are in St Helena Bay. There are two great beaches in St Helena Bay. You can select between Stompneusbaai and Shelley Bay. Stompneusbaai is a quaint bay just between St Helena Bay and Shelley Point. There are also some fisheries near it so having an educational insight about the fishing industry is also a bonus. In Shelley Bay, you can go fishing, diving on some of the best diving spots there, as well as do crayfishing.

History of St Helena Bay

St Helena Bay is a hot-spot for whale watchingSt Helena Bay was said to be discovered by a Portuguese explorer named Vasco de Gama. It was around 1497 and by then St Helena Bay was still known as Die Agterbaai. St Helena Bay is known as one of the prime fishing centers of the world. The waters in St Helena Bay teem with lots of marine life since the Benguela current there is rich in nutrients. With this, the coastal inhabitants of St Helena Bay are provided with livelihood – it is all quite a cycle.

The cultural heritage of St Helena Bay is as unique as the other towns. Even until now, the locals speak in their own vernacular keeping the culture of St Helena Bay rich even up to the present times.

The summer is ideal for water sports, fishing and crayfish diving. But let me tell you a secret…. the autumn brings calm idyllic weather. Thus making St Helena Bay a perfect all-year-round holiday destination.

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