Saldanha Bay Another West Coast Seaside Beauty

Cape West Coast has many regions with seaside towns of beauty and elegance. One of these regions is Peninsula and a beautiful seaside town in it is Saldanha Bay. Saldanha Bay is a beauty that allows visitors to see Table Mountain from the rock formation named Adam and Eve located on the hill atop Saldanha. There is also Hoedjieskop, a short walking trail, amidst the town center that gives a nice panoramic view of the town’s bay. This bay is an ideal place for enthusiasts of water sports.

Saldanha Accommodation

Protea Hotel in Saldanha Bay on the West CoastIn terms of accommodation, Saldanha is never lacking. It has a wide array of options for tourists and these options include guest houses, hotels, as well as bed and breakfast accommodations. There are also self-catering facilities, camping, and backpackers’ accommodations in abundance.

Blue Bay Lodge
Blue Bay Lodge is a 3-star accommodation on the beachfront. It is located just outside the elegant village of Saldanha.

Eagles Rest Guest House
The Eagles Rest Guest House is a sophisticated and intimate venue for leisure and corporate visitors.

Villa-Mari Guesthouse is another 3-star guest house accommodation in Saldanha. It provides budget accommodations yet provides service like that of a grand hotel.

Protea Hotel Saldanha Bay allows you to savor the beauty of Saldanha Bay since it is situated in a spot overlooking the bay. Protea Hotel has many recreational facilities including a mini golf course, volleyball court, and an outdoor pool. All of these can be enjoyed while also trying out other activities that Saldanha Bay presents.

Backpackers and campers can also enjoy great accommodations in Saldanha. The Hoedjiesbaai Lodge is one place for backpackers and campers. It has a main house with several rooms, studio apartments with self-catering features, conference facilities, and more.

Restaurant and Local Cuisine

Local restaurants in Saldanha Bay offer great foodRelishing cuisine from the best restaurants and cafés in Saldanha is one of the must-try activities in town. Two of the best restaurants that present local cuisine and special dishes include Blue Bay Café and Yachtport SA – Marina Café.

Blue Bay Café
Blue Bay Café is a 3-star restaurant that Saldanha can be proud of. They offer first class service along with the stunning panoramic views of the fine-looking Saldanha Bay. The facilities in Blue Bay Café include over 30 bed and breakfast en-suite quarters and more than 10 self-catering cottages along the seaside. They serve breakfasts, lunches, as well as suppers served by world class chefs. They also have a wide range of cocktails, local wines, and beers.

Yachtport SA – Marina Café
Right in Saldanha’s port, just overlooking the beautiful town of Saldanha, the Yachtport SA – Marina Café. It is a family-friendly restaurant café where you can enjoy breakfast or lunch together with your loved ones. You can come by road or by boat – Marina Café can definitely accommodate you. Some of the items in the menu may include, but not limited to Yachties breakfast, Toasted HCT (Ham, Cheese, Tomato), Mince Omelet, Burger, and beverages served hot or cold.

Activities in Saldanha

Yachting is a great activity in Saldanha BayAside from viewing the seaside or the bay, there are other great things that you can do in Saldanha to make your stay as memorable as possible.

First off, you can go and do some walking on the Hoedjieskop trail to get the best panoramic view of the bay.

Biking is also another option you can do. You can also do a lot of water sports such as boating, canoeing, yachting, kayaking, sailing, waterskiing, windsurfing, and others.

You can also do diving to appreciate the beauty of Saldanha Bay underwater. Fishing is another thing that you can do especially that fishing is a boom activity in in Saldanha Bay.

Now, if water activities is not your thing, aside from walking or biking, you can also do hiking and even horse back riding. On top of that, if it is whale season, you can do whale watching – an activity that you cannot easily enjoy elsewhere.

Saldanha Bay is truly a place rich in activities and places where you can make memories for yourself or together with your special ones. Pick out the best ones that you like or even try all the available activities if you can.

Culture and History of Saldanha

Dassen Island near Saldanha BayThe beautiful village of Saldanha is among the “Magnificent Seven” making up the West Coast Peninsula.

The town is named after Admiral Antonio de Saldanha. But what is funny about it is, this Portuguese seaman discovered a bay – Table Bay though he never even came to those location himself.

The area of Saldanha Bay is always highly regarded – then and now. In the past, Dutch people often take eggs from penguins. There was also that period when hunters of guano have stripped off the islands from the entrance to the bay.

Americans also arrived in Saldanha Bay through Confederate ships named Alabama. There is even a song regarding this momentous occasion. In the previous decades, the town of Saldanha Bay has gained popularity from international and local visitors who love a touch of sunshine and the warmth of a bright sunshiny day, those who love their oyster dishes, as well as those who like the lengthy white beaches of Saldanha Bay.

Though Saldanha Bay is inclined to business fishing, they also have tons of events and festivals that both locals and tourists can enjoy. So, if you love the land, the waters, and all that is in between, Saldanha Bay is the town for you.

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