Paternoster - Old World Fishermen’s Village

Unque Shop In Paternoster on the West CoastPaternoster was apparently named after the deepest prayers of marooned Portuguese sailors – Our Father. Up to this day, Paternoster is closely linked with the fishing industry and the sea. Nevertheless, travelers often come to Paternoster for a relaxing stay and visit. Paternoster has its own unique attractions that keep visitors coming back. One of these pride attractions would be the Cape Columbine Nature Reserve. Moreover, dolphins and whales often visit the waters near Paternoster for the most parts of the year.

West Coast Accommodation in Paternoster

Perfect West Coast Accommodation in PaternosterSince Paternoster is known as an old world fisherman’s village, some visitors would think that it does not have world-class accommodations. On the contrary, Paternoster actually has several starred hotels that a tourist can choose from.

The Abalone House
The Abalone House is a guest house type of accommodation. It is one of the 5-star luxury guest houses in the West Coast. It has a restaurant, 10 unit suites, as well as pool and Jacuzzi.

The Farr Out Guest House
The Farr Out Guest House gives tourists their 4-star service round the clock. It is a cozy guesthouse bordered by nature. It is truly a place for a luxurious stay.

The Hoekie Guest House
If you are looking for peaceful and quiet getaway vacation in Paternoster, the Hoekie Guest House might just be the best place to stay. The Hoekie Guest House allows you to do those soul searching walks or hikes that you need as well as a perfect place to stay in when flower season comes.

The Paternoster Dunes Guest House
Another 4-star guest house is the Paternoster Dunes. The Paternoster Dunes was made traditionally to have the authentic and original look of a classic guest house. They offer cold beer, good food, as well as clean beds to their visitors.

Restaurants and Local Food

Paternoster on the West Coast is well-known for its CrayfishThere are several restaurants in Paternoster that offer different kinds of good food – from the local cuisines up to some international dishes. Some of these include:

Blikkie Pizzeria
Blikkie Pizzeria is small pizza parlor with a cozy feel. They boast of their delicious pizza closely resembling their Italian origins.

Paternoster Hotel CC
Next in line is the Paternoster Hotel CC. This restaurant gives the traditional family restaurant vibes. They serve crayfish and other seafood all throughout the year

Seafood on Wheels
The name alone is quite intriguing. Seafood on Wheels is your go to place if you are not in a high mood for dressing up. They specialize in delivering home cooked sea food from the West Coast as well as barbecue accessories right in front of your doorstep.

Seekombuis Open Air Restaurant
The Seekombuis Open Air Restaurant is one of the traditional open air restaurants in the West Coast. It is also a bar and a great wedding venue for locals and tourists alike.

The Voorstrandt Restaurant
The Voorstrandt Restaurant also caters to different seafood dishes. They boast to have the best seafood meals all over the West Coast.

Things to Do in Paternoster

Aside from doing all the soul searching walks in the quiet and peaceful town of Paternoster, you can also do other activities, which are worthy to be remembered.

Dolphin and Whale Watching
It is not often that you will be able to watch dolphins and whales in their natural habitat. Most times, you can see them enclosed in tanks in different ocean parks worldwide. However, Paternoster offers a different experience, as you can view dolphins and whales in the seas. They are present ten months every year so most likely, you will be able to see them when you visit Paternoster.

Flower Season
Flower season in Paternoster comes from August until September. By then, you will be able to see various kinds of flowers that are unique to Paternoster. You can take pictures of them as well as enjoy the lovely smell of the air with flowers blooming all around.

Majestic Lighthouse in Cape Columbine Reserve near Paternoster West CoastCape Columbine Nature Reserve & Lighthouse

You can also visit the famed Cape Columbine Nature Reserve & Lighthouse. This wonderful allows tourists to get close to nature effortlessly. The Cape Columbine Lighthouse also presents a different view of the Britannia Reef as well as the Atlantic Ocean.

History and Culture of Paternoster

Paternoster is considered as the oldest fishing village on the West Coast Peninsula. Though that is the case, Paternoster is a mix of the old and the new easily making it one of the best tourist spots in the West Coast.

Basically, the life of the locals in Paternoster is quite simple. They are closely linked to the sea so fishermen often head out to see in their vibrantly colored traditional wooden boats or bakkies. They often catch snoek around the winter season and then go for crayfishes in the summer. Visitors can even experience purchasing fresh fish right off the boats of the fishermen on shore.

Aside from fishermen, Paternoster also has a long list of talented local artists. They live and work in Paternoster. These artists do different works of art including sculptures, paintings, photography, and pottery. There are also tons of world renowned chefs in the numerous top class restaurants in town.

Paternoster is a town close to both land and sea. You can see breathtaking sunsets, do long walks along the beach, or plainly marvel at the different sea creatures that are around the area.

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