Jacobsbaai - A Nature's Paradise on the West Coast

Are you bored of your regular vacation plans? Do you want to try something new this holiday season to rejuvenate your mind like never before? Well, if the answer to these questions is yes, we have information that could help you break the mundane routine and enjoy your holidays even more. Yes! The lovely town of Jacobsbaai located on the West Coast of South Africa is a beautiful and still unexplored holiday destination that can provide the perfect rejuvenating experience. From the flora and fauna to the secluded bays, the beauty of this small town will surely mesmerize you.

West Coast Accommodation in Jacobsbaai

Rustic and beautiful - Jacobsbaai West Coast

One of the first things that people worry about when they plan a vacation is accommodation, isn’t it? After all, without a roof over your head to rest for the night, no vacation is going to sound tempting enough. At Jacobsbaai, there are several accommodation options that you can choose from. These include budget accommodations to luxury cottages. Depending on your needs and your budget, choosing the perfect accommodation wouldn’t be too hard. Almost every accommodation here in Jacobsbaai does have a sea view. In fact, if you want to enjoy a romantic break, a secluded cottage is just what you need.

The guest houses in Jacobsbaai provide superb accommodation that includes all the basic facilities. There are many options to book your accommodation and right here on this site you will find the contact details of almost every accommodation offered.

As far as service or hospitality standards are concerned, you won’t be disappointed. In spite of being a small town, the hospitality industry in Jacobsbaai is recognized for its impeccable standards of service when it comes to taking care of customers.


Find beautiful keep sakes at Wilde Margrietjie in Jacobsbaai West CoastFrom gazing at the beauty of Mother Nature to going for an adventurous round of scuba diving in the sea, there are several activities that you can do when you are in Jacobsbaai.

We would recommend you to start with enjoying the beauty of the town. For those who are fond of flowers, a trip to Jacobsbaai is as good as a visit to paradise. The town is known for its impressive flora as well as fauna. Most of the flowering happens between the months of August and September. So, if you are a nature enthusiast, this might just be the best period to plan your trip. You can feast your eyes on some rare varieties of flowers that grow only at Jacobsbaai.

However, this is not the only activity to keep you entertained in Jacobsbaai. Being closed to the sea, this town also offers you a chance to watch the amazing wildlife and sea life. In fact, whale and dolphin watching is one of the major tourist attractions of the place. People from all over flock the town to watch them.

You can even pamper your love for adventure by indulging in water sports that happen for several months during the year. Dont forget the other villages, the wine routes and nature reserves. Dive your own seafood, take a bay cruise or enjoy one of the scenic hiking trails.


Since Jacobsbaai is located so close to the sea, the variety in sea food is awesome. Also, the sea food that you will find here is fresh and really tasty. Crayfish is a local speciality and worth a try. It is also a popular catch amongst the local fishermen. Restaurants have an extensive menu when it comes to pleasing your palate. The town is an absolute delight for sea food lovers.

We would strongly recommend you to savour the local delicacies if you are sea food fan. However, this does not means that Jacobsbaai offers only one variety of food.


Jacobsbaai has a rugged and rocky coastlineJacobsbaai has a rugged and rocky coastline that consists of seven sandy bays tucked close to each other. Unlike a lot of villages neighbouring this region, Jacobsbaai is still young due to its relatively recent inception. The small town was developed by a farmer Nic Tredoux when he wanted it to grow as a business venture.

However, in spite of its recent inception, Jacobsbaai has grown fast as a community. Today, the town is home to people from all walks of life including a famous writer and storyteller. Being a small place, everyone is very closely connected to each other. Additionally, the common passion binding the people is conservation of the whitewashed bay.

Even the architecture in the town is quite unique. You will come across buildings made from locally sourced stones. Painters and potters in the town display their art and it is heavily inspired by the local life and people.

Make sure you take locally made souvenirs as gifts for your friends and family. The village has two pottery studios where you can see the artists doing their work.

So, the next time, you want to take a refreshing break, just plan a trip to West Coast Jacobsbaai because you will not regret it!

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