Darling - Is Darling the darling of the West Coast?

Darling is a charming little village surrounded by golden wheat fields and vineyards, in the heart of the Swartland. It is an artist haven as it is the home of an art festival named Voorkamer Fest as well as a music festival in spring – Rocking the Daisies music fest. If you are a lover of the art, Darling is a must-visit town.

West Coast Accommodation in Darling

It is the perfect weekend getaway destination and offers a wide variety of accommodation options paired with great South African hospitality. Some of the ones available include, but are not limited to guest houses, bed and breakfast style, homestays, self-catering in village, farm accommodations, and some other package deals.

Guest Houses

For guest houses, the Darling prides itself with four of the best in town – Darling Lodge Guest House, The Granary, The Old Pastorie, and Trinity Guest Lodge. The Darling Lodge Guest House is a 3-star TGCSA-graded guest house. It is also “birder friendly” certified.

 Bed and Breakfast Style

Bed and Breakfast Style accommodations provide not only a lovely and comfortable place to rest for the night, but also a great place to dine especially in the morning. Some of the great bed and breakfast accommodations in Darling include Strathnaver, Maison de L’amour, Disa Lodge, as well as Elly’s Place.

Darling Upliftment Project - Art on HouseSelf-Catering in Village

This type of accommodation offers rooms to sleep in as well as other self-catering facilities. The best ones that Darling boast include 43 on Main, Darling 1872, Kalimera, Lookout, Mux se Hoek, Stone Stables, @ Lisa’s, Aloe Cottage, Disa Cottage, La Petite Grange, Maison Amnesia, School House Cottage, and Tuinhuis Cottage.

Homestays allow you to enjoy traditional Darling hospitality and food. The available ones that you may consider include JJ’s, Ivy’s, and Tosca’s Homestay.

If you reside in a bustling metropolis, there are also farm accommodations when you visit Darling. Such accommodations include !Khwa ttu, Buffelsfontein Game Nature Reserve, Burgherspost Cottages, Swartbergsvlei, Waylands Farm Guest House, and Ye Olde School Guest House.

Eat at Local Restaurants in DarlingRestaurants and Local Food

Just like any other great town in South Africa, the town of Darling also has great restaurants to offer as well as delicious local food to try.

For the restaurants, the must-include in your list would be !Khwa ttu Restaurant, Brig’s Barn, Bistro Seven, Buffelsfontein Game Nature Reserve, Café Mosaic, Café de L’amour, Cloof, Chicory Chees Café, Darling Brew Slow Quarter, Hilda’s Kitchen at Groote Post, Evita se Perron, and Marmalade Cat. Here are some details about some of them.

!Khwa ttu Restaurant consists of a team of professional Swiss chefs and trainees. Their menu provides light and creative yet hearty meals. They also have homemade cakes and breads.

Brig’s Barn offers meals country style. Some of the great meal features of Brig’s Barn include Beer Batter Fish, French Toast, and Homemade Chicken Pie. They also have a long list of locally made wines.

Bistro Seven is a neat tiny bistro in an old but lovely cottage in the main street of Darling. The cuisine they offer is of country style. They also have soups, salads, and steaks. They also have some wines if you want to try out some local Darling wine.

Things to do in DarlingThings to Do in Darling

Darling may appear like a sleepy town for other people. However, there are actually tons of great things that can be done in Darling. Visit Darling for spectacular wild flowers, unique art, and the orchid show in September.

Arts and Crafts

Remember, Darling is an artists’ haven, so one great activity to do here is get involved with the arts and crafts. It is a vibrant location with a harmonious mix of the new as well as the old. It is quite inspiring for many creative souls. Some places where you can spend some creative time include !Khwa ttu Art & Craft Shop, Ouma’s Treasures, Darling Gallery, Splitpiece Murals in Darling, Evita se Perron, and The Marmalade Cat.

Wildlife and Birding

If you are not much of the artsy type of person, yet you love nature, then you can also do wildlife and birding activities in Darling. Darling offers an awesome outdoors that will allow you to experience a lot of nature at its prime. Aside from being an artists’ haven, Darling is also called the Flower of the West Coast because of the wide array of natural flowers that it has.

Recreation and Sports

Sporting and recreational activities are also available for the energetic souls. You can enjoy mountain biking, hiking, as well as guided running tours. There are also golfing activities over at the Darling Golf Club.

Experience Local Culture in DarlingDarling History and Culture

The name of Darling town was taken after Charles Henry Darling. Darling was founded in 1853 on the farm of Langfontein. The history and culture of Darling is rich and if you want to get to know more about it, there are certain places where you can do so. One of these places include the !Khwa ttu San Culture & Education Centre. You can also learn a lot from the Darling Museum and the Hildebrand Monument.

The Darling Museum was previously built as a Butter Museum. However, right now, there are other things that you can see in the museum about the lovely town of Darling. There is still one section in the museum where a unique artifacts collection regarding the Darling’s butter-making industry – Darling is also known for its creamery.

Another great place for history and culture in Darling is Nostalgia. Nostalgia is filled with carefully selected items that are of collectable value. Such items include yellow wood, basswood furniture, oak, Oregon furniture, electric and oil lamps, linen, porcelain, kitchenware, writing instruments, jewelry, and other interesting items. There are even works from famous artist Jenni Jewels.

Find more out at: Darling Tourism

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